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Am I fit for Everest Base Camp Trek if not what are the requirement?

Posted in : 19th Dec, 2018

Human, the creature with lots of desire, courage, and aim to reach in the certain point. No one is desireless human in this world and when we talk about tour, trek or travel everyone is excited to take. And when you love the mountains or hiking then it is certain that you have the desire to trek Everest.

Trekking at the Everest is not a simple thing that we think and we can reach there, it is so difficult and many peoples had lost their life too. So having desire and courage is not enough to climb the almighty Mt. Everest you require some skills and experience too.

Requirements to trek Everest Base Camp

Physically Fit and Health

Not just this Everest Base Camp Trek, you must be fit and healthy for every kind of trek. You are physically fit but you can’t walk for long duration then you may not fit for this trek. Because You must hike for minimum 6-7 hours a day and sometimes more than that. So you must have the ability to hike for a long duration.

Since you are traveling from one place to another so that your body must be adjustable with the situation because up to the hill there is so cold and less number of hotels are there and in the camp, you must be in the tents. So your body and behavior must be adjustable.

After that, you must not be affected by any kinds of heart diseases or long-term diseases. Because it is hard to climb up if you do have altitude sickness or asthma. If you have long-term diseases and at the mid of trek you feel sick then that will be problematic. Due to which you require doctor certified which says your doctor provide you the permission to climb the Mt. Everest.


If you do have prior experience then that will be great so less training and daily exercise are enough. Otherwise, you require a lot of training to Trek the Himalayas. Not only this you must climb other mountains first so that you can get enough experience to handle all the risk during the trek.

It is good and lucky that during your trek the weather is good and less harm. But that does not mean you won’t face bad weather in the future. So that you have to be well trained and prior experience for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Not only training and experience, but you must also be well known with the equipment used during the trek (old and new technology tools). This will help you to climb the mountain quite easier.

Permit for trekking

After testing and training, you must get permission to climb the Mt. Everest. Since Mt. Everest lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet you require both countries permission to climb. And other permissions to enter into the restricted area. The list below is the required permits:

  • TIMS Card: Trekkers Information Management System card ( form with full information and two passports sized photo)
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry: Allow you to enter National Park area ( Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project permit is essential if you are trekking from Jiri to Everest)


Additional information

If you fulfill all the requirements then you can apply for Everest Base Camp Trek otherwise fulfill the requirements. Choose the best weather to take this trek and enjoy every moment. Keep good behavior with your co-friends or co-workers because you need to have positive behavior. Be with the group don’t trek alone, trekking alone might be dangerous.

Have patient while trekking to the mountains (any mountain). Keep positive behavior with all and communicate with everyone. If you really want to fit for this Trek do exercise daily and walk for hours a day.

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