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Everest Expedition – 2018

Trip Overview

Mountain Experience has organised successful ascents of the world’s highest peaks, providing services for independent climbers, private groups, and commercial and government backed expeditions. Our Sherpas and Sardars rank among the most experienced mountaineers in the world. We offer something for almost every level of climber, whether it’s your first ascent at the higher altitudes or you’re going for the world’s highest. Mountain Experience provides the infrastructure: obtaining permits, outfitting and organising Base Camp facilities and arranging accommodation before and after the expedition. We stock, and set up, high camps, transport loads, provide food, tents, oxygen, satellite telephone, porters, our own Sherpas and Sardars, advice and assistance.

With our excellent reputation, organisation and professional staff, we are committed to your safety at all times. Email us to discuss your climbing goals.

Will climb by the normal route via the south col, installing a Base Camp at 5,400m and four additional camps on the mountain at approximately 6,000m, 7,400m and 8,000m. Via this route, Everest is technically straightforward, but climbers must be aware of the potential for sudden weather changes and the risks involved.