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Shishapangma 2018

Trip Overview

Shishapangma is one of the loveliest mountains in Tibet, lying in its autonomous region. Only very few people in the world had any idea about the Shishapangma before the Chinese opened Tibet to the western summiteers in 1978 A.D. The Tibetans regard it as the Holy Mountain. It is the youngest among 14 mountains above 8000m that lie in high Himalayan ranges. The north west normal route to Shishapangma takes us up easy angled snow slopes up to 35 degrees with one steeper section. The necessary lines will be fixed and placed on the steeper or crevassed sections.

Following our acclimatisation in Zhangmu and Nyalam, we will arrive at Base Camp (5000m), ready to do our final preparations and acclimatisation walks. Yaks transport our expedition gear from Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp at 5,400m. Three further camps will be placed en route. Camp 1 (6,730m): After six to seven hours walk we reach in Camp 2 by crossing many snow slopes, fixing ropes in crevasses. Camp 2 (7,045m): After five to six hours we reach Camp 3 through steep ascent leading to very gentle ground below the north west ridge. Camp 3 (7,400m): From Camp 3, it takes 9-12 hours to reach the summit. The situation depends on the group/climbers’ progress, the level of their physical fitness and the weather conditions. Sometimes additional days are also required for acclimatisation at different places until climbers succeed on reaching the summit. If the climber succeeds the mountaineering earlier than the scheduled tenure they may leave the Base Camp before the prescribed time.