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Chulu West

Trip Overview

Chulu West and Chulu Central are best made from a Base Camp in a small valley north of Manang situated off the main trail to the Thorong La. Indeed some of the best views of these peaks can be had from that pass.

This camp ascends steep scree slopes to a col (4,900m/16,076ft), on a subsidiary ridge that leads down from the main ridge. To the north of the col we ascend snow slopes for 200 metres (650ft) to the base of a band of rock at an altitude of 5,100 m (16,732ft) and the site for a possible high camp. We climb the rock band with some difficulty to the north west shoulder of Chulu West (5,450m/17,880ft), where another camp can be established or alternatively, a camp can be made on a snow plateau above (5,530m/18,143ft). On the first ascent, and several subsequent ascents, rope was fixed on the rock band. From the plateau we continue up the progressively narrowing ridge to the summit (6,250m/30,505ft). Descent is by the same route.