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General Information


You will be meet at the airport by a representative from Mountain Experience Chhuldim or Tamding Sherpa. Look for a sign with your name on it AND Mountain Experience sign. You will be transfer to Hotel Tibet ( or the hotel of your choice ) where your rooms have been booked for you. Chhuldim or Tamding Sherpa will meet you at your hotel to go over details and you settled into Kathmandu.


You can get your Nepal visa either at the airport ( or any land border) when you arrive in Nepal or before you leave home.

Temperatures + Clothing

Kathmandu during trekking season, in the spring and autumn , is usually warm( t-shirt, sandals, light pants or skirts) during the day, and gets chilly ( light fleece or windproof top) in the afternoon. Nights can be cold enough for a sweater or light Jacket, or warm enough for t-shirts. Summer is and evenings, cold enough that you might start the day in a downJacket, but often warms up enough to wear a t- shirt by mid-day. Nights get cold enough for a down jacket if you’re sitting outside in the spring and autumn, and much colder in the winter when you won’t leave the hotel without your down jacket. It never snows in Kathmandu, leave your snow boots behind. Keens or lightweight sandals great for wandering around Kathmandu, and for trekking in lower altitudes.

Trekking is a mixed bag of temperatures. LAYERS are the key as hot can change quickly to freezing crossing the passes and snowfalls are common. We often have some rain below 3000 meters in the spring and early autumn, and it can rain hard in the summer. Have a wide range of layer- able trekking clothes for summer to winter temperatures. Keep a lightweight down jacket or synthetic jacket with you at all times, available inexpensively in Kathmandu. A lightweight rain poncho and umbrella for trekking recommended spring and summer, Be prepared ! See our GEAR LIST for full details on gear, shoes , clothing, electronics and meds for the trek.

There are lots of real gear shops ( North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Sherpa Gear) and of course many fake ones in Kathmandu, so if you don’t think you have the right gear starting the trip it will be easy to pick-up stuff once in Kathmandu. We have sleeping bags, duffel bags and down Jackets to rent.

Dress conservatively in Kathmandu and on the trail as a rule. Shorts are okay if they aren’t too short, mini skirt aren’t recommended. Sleeveless t- shirts are absolutely fine, but perhaps avoid tank- tops on the trail. Super tight doesn’t go over so well with the village elders.

Preparing Yourself in Kathmandu

We’re happy to book your rooms before or after the trek (or upgrade during the trek) at other boutique or luxury hotels in Kathmandu. We recommend Hyatt Regency , Hotel Yak & Yeti, Hotel Annapurna , Hotel Tibet and Tibet Guest House.

Tips for staff

We recommend at least $ 100 more or less per person to go into the tip end of your trip for the staff. Please bring Neppali (NPR) with you on the trek for the tips. It’s nice to buy the staff drinks on the last night .

Gear list

This is a guideline for the gear you will need on the trek. Ask if you have questions! One 15kg ( 33lbs) maximum weight limit for the duffel bag + your hand luggage for flights. 12-14 kg weight limit for treks.

Duffel Bag ( You can buy in Kathmandu $ 10 each bag)

Day Pack

Sleeping Bag ( -20F/-30C recommended ( You can hire in Kathmandu $ 1.00 per day)

Down Jacket ( you can also hire in Kathmandu cost )

Trekking Boots

Trekking Pants (2-3)

T-Shirts ( 3)

Long- sleeve Trekking Shirts ( 2-3)

Trekking Jacket

Goretex Jacket & Pants

Fleece or Thermal Top ( evenings)

Fleece or Thermal Bottoms ( evenings)

Lightweight Long Underwear ( so sleep in or layer under clothes)

Socks (4)

Gloves (lighter & heavier for passes)

Wool Hat

Baseball Cap or Wide- brimmed Hat

Camp Towel

Trekking Poles ( optional recommended)

Sunglasses ( 2)

Water Bottles (2-3)

Toiletries, Suns cream with SPF, Lip Balm with /EPF

Watch ( with alarm)

Extra Batteries

Battery Chargers

Head Lamp

Water Purifying Tablets, Small Water Filter or Steripen

Hand Sanitizer

Books ( s)

Soft Toilet Paper, Tissues

Personal Medical Supplies

Available in Namche Bazaar

Snacks, chocolate bars, energy bars, dried fruit & nuts

Laundry Detergent

All trekking gear ( Sherpa Grear, Mountain Hardwear, all have real gear)


Trekking Poles


Medical Supplies

We strongly suggest bringing Western meds with you as there are lot of Indian fakes on the market!

Suggested; Diamox, Azithromyacin, Ciprofloxacin, Tinidazole or Flagyl & Augmentin, Bring COMPEED for covering blisters & good tasting electrolyes & /or rehydration salt ( Emergen –C is a good American brand).

We also recommend bringing strong knee and angle supports & braces, ACE bandages for sprains & strains, Tegaderm & / or other would coverings. Duct tape is always useful. We’re happy to take excess medical supplies off your hands when you leave if you won’t need them and pass then on to others. We use lots of the large amount we have with us to treat locals as well as our own trekkers…

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