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Dolpo – Shey – Gompa Trek

Trip Overview

Dolpo lies in the Dolpo region, an area hard to match for its pristine beauty and rugged charm, where you can still meet nomadic people whose lifestyle has remained untouched and unexplored. The Himalayas offer an endless variety of landscapes, different cultures and great people. This unrivalled diversity makes it a destination you can visit over and over again. It becomes more interesting and fascinating every time you return. Lying in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, the landscape resembles that of the Tibetan Plateau instead of the lush, green, monsoon watered hills, elsewhere in Nepal, at comparative altitudes. The people, who are very pleasant by nature, are of Tibetan descent and follow the pre-Buddhist, Bon religion.

Their language is closely related to Tibetan. The elevation of the trails is from 1,650 metres (5,412ft) to 5,136 metres (16,846ft) above sea level.