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Expedition in Nepal or Trek the Himalayas its your choice

Posted in : 19th Nov, 2018

Expedition in Nepal is one of the most popular activities in Nepal for mountain lovers. Every kind of people can take part in this activity but as we all know there are some circumstances in everything so there are some circumstances for who can take this part.

This is not just a single way to be on the lap of mountains. Who are enthusiastic, eager to climb mountains but because of some problem cannot take part in Expedition.

Don’t worry Expedition is not the last option, there are other many activities which take you to the lap of mountains. If you are the good climber with good physical fitness then you can Trek the Himalayas.

Trek the Himalayas also gives you the same feeling but both trek and expedition are not similar so there will be slightly different. Different in the different things some of them are height difference, physical fitness requirement difference, travel period of time and month different and many more…

Which one to choose

Trek is among hiking and expedition concerning with trouble. In spite of the fact that it’s more like climbing. The distinction being that treks are longer than climbs can be of numerous days so you will either need to camp or tea house.

The expedition is considered the most difficult among trek and hike. It’s a more specialized variety of trekking that takes you to higher pinnacles. Regularly to ones that are more than 5000 meters above ocean level.

These are likewise multi-day trips that require a great deal of past physical and specialized preparing. You require more gear than with climbing or trekking. Furthermore, you’ll likewise need to realize how to utilize it appropriately.

What sort of physical fitness is required for Expedition in Nepal and Trek the Himalayas

Physical fitness required for both Expedition in Nepal and Trek the Himalayas as somehow same. Both required best physical fitness must walk for more than 5-6 hours a day; can adjust the weather of the different places and many more.

Beyond this, some sort of skills are required for Expedition like using some equipment, climb on the snow and other but trek may not require those experience. Prior experience of hiking, trekking, and expedition all are necessary for Expedition in Nepal but trek may not require those experience. Prior experience of hiking can help during trekking but may not be needed if you don’t have.

Which time will be the best time throughout the year

For trek in some Himalayas, you can trek throughout the year. Winter and Monsoon season will be a little bit difficult but in those time also you can trek the Himalayas.

But in case of Expedition in Nepal, usually; the expedition takes place above 7000 meter high mountains where you need some sort of courage, experience to take part.

The best time for Expedition in Nepal is Spring and Autumn; because in these time, the weather will be clear and adaptable weather which will be a little bit easier to climb. During winter also you can climb but that will be lots of risky because of cold weather. Monsoon season is just forbidden to do this.

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