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Interesting and Adventurous activities in March

Posted in : 10th Mar, 2019

Wondering what to do in March when you arrive in Nepal? Or want to know what you can do during this March month? Then read below so you get some ideas about the activities which you can do during this month.

First, of all, March is the begin of Nepal’s annual peak tourist seasons, also the time when the temperatures have warmed up after winter. With the thawing of many high-elevated trekking trails, river levels fit for white water rafting, and other exciting cultural festivals. Apart from this March is one of the major months where many tourists visit the city area like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and more. March is a great time to travel to Nepal.

Here are some activities which are popular during March month in Nepal

City tours are most popular at this time because the weather is just perfect and you get 8-9 hours a day. Since you have long time so you can do many activities apart from city sightseeing. Here are some of the activity list

Bungee Jumping at Bhote Koshi River

One of the most popular and thrilling activities in Nepal is bungee. Bungee is famous worldwide, and when it comes to Bungee in Bhote Koshi, you can’t imagine how amazing, exciting, and thrilling it is. Since March is the starting month of the spring season so bungee is best to do during this time.

Note: If you have the courage and don’t have any kind of diseases like heart diseases, asthma, etc. then Bungee jumping is one of the best activity you should try.

Paragliding from Sarangkot

Nothing can beat the excitement of being up in the sky, flying like a bird in the thermal baths all the while enjoying snow-capped mountain views, pristine ponds and green valleys like no other on earth. It’s a lifetime experience with skilled pilots to guide you through the skies. One day you may be flying again, but you will never have the same dramatic opinions. From tandem flights to fully accredited paragliding lessons, solo flights, or even hawk-accompanied paragliding!

Note: Before taking part in this activity please check up your body and if you do have any kind of heart disease and altitude sickness then please avoid this.

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

Jungle safari name significant itself that you will be surrounded by a green and beautiful environment with wildlife. There is no age restriction for this, even if you are unable to walk you are welcome here for jungle safari. Jungle safari in the spring season is so great because of the beautiful scenario of the surroundings, birds singing, animals, and many more.

Maya Devi Temple excursion

Mostly religious people visit this place but you don’t have to be a religious person to visit this place. It doesn’t matter just you have to be a travel lover then this place is an amazing place for you. The beauty and peace environment make you feel like heaven. Find peace in you while traveling this place.

Janaki Temple visit

One of the most popular temples in the world among Hindu people. You can view the huge temple where you see amazing crafted temples with beautiful architecture and art. Explore around this place gives you the beauty of the art and show the culture of the related place.

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