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Step out from your comfort zone and begin your own journey.

Posted in : 27th Dec, 2018

Passion for travel, Indeed one of the exciting part in this short life journey. Oh yes, If you are a travel enthusiastic then you would know what is the taste of living life visiting amazing places getting out of your niche. It’s pretty cool that we get to try out different cultures, food, meet new people with every new sunrise. Whether or not you have that kind of enthusiasm you can at least try some of these ideas for your vacation plans.

Travel Ideas Alert!!!

Long road journey

No matter how independent you are spending some quality time with your family is always important. So during your vacation, you can have a good long road journey with your family members with the aim of a particular destination. This not only relieves your work stress but also fill your vacation with lots of memories.

Similarly, This plan can be accomplished with friends as well. Since we can be more comfortable to make the plans with friends, this drive can lead you to random destinations.

Trek and Expeditions

Some adventure lovers do like to trek and hike the Himalayan regions as well. Why not explore those high altitudes which give both thrill and pleasure at the same time? Trek and expeditions are a most popular activity in the to-do list of travel passionates. Try out Short Treks in Nepal to visit diversified landscapes during your next trek plan.

Explore Wildlife

If not interested in freezing cold of those mountains then visit national parks and have a wildlife tour. Spring seasons will bring the best version of woodlands with new buds and blooming flowers. Thus, exploring wildlife in these areas is probably one of the best ideas.


Yes, you may choose to fly within the sky or jump down from a high cliff. You may climb through the rocky mountains or flow with those wildest rivers. Bunjee, Canyoning, Rafting, Paragliding, Hot air balloon etc are some of the adventurous activities that will give you the best possible pleasure. You can find out Best Trekking company in Nepal to guide you according to your interests.

Tired of canceling plans due to friends?

More often people like to have a perfect vacation with their friends or families but you might have faced a bothersome situation while planning for a vacation due to the busy schedule of any one of your friends. We all are familiar with how we cancel our plans just because one of our folk can’t make it. So, If we think about a solution to it then the best alternative of canceling our plans is solo travel.

Solo travel is the best solution

There’s nothing exciting than exploring a new place on your own. Solo travel comes up with many experiences, challenges, and benefits. Let’s look some of them with following points:

  • With friends or family, we remain busy with our group only but solo travel includes interaction with new and interesting people as well.
  • Knowing yourself is something that you can do while you are alone. Finding out what you are capable of is one of the benefits of solo travel.
  • Likewise, you can step out of your comfort zone and face some real-life issues as well.
  • Your confidence level to do anything will automatically boost up.
  • Thinking about costs and expenditures, It’s less likely to have more expenses during solo travel than in a group.
  • You can also have a peaceful time alone with your favorite books or your type of music not worrying about what others like.
  • Finally, You can be as lazy as you can.

Solo Travel Destinations

All the activities explained above are possible in countries like Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan etc. So these countries can be one of your next destinations.


Even the city areas of Nepal has the best destinations for your day out. Cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and cultural heritages like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath are some of them. You can also have the best mount experience here through peak climbing, Trekking holidays in Nepal.


The best scenery can be seen while traveling the northeast regions of India. Darjeeling, Sikkim is the option available there. One of the amazing hill stations is Darjeeling where we can find out mesmerizing lush valleys, Tea plantations, and breathtaking view.


Expeditions are quite popular in Nepal as well as Tibet. Expedition in Tibet offers a superb view of Himalaya regions, beautiful landscapes and many more. Cultural destinations like Kailash and Mansarovar are best to reach through Trekking in Tibet.

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