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7 Things To Know Before Going on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Posted in : 7th Jun, 2018

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most spectacular treks in the Himalayas, and a great alternative to the Annapurna Circuit trek. The Manaslu Circuit trek roughly circles the world’s eighth highest mountain Manaslu also known as Kutang located at an altitude of 8,163 meters. We Take the ancient salt-trading route through the Manaslu region of the Nepal Himalaya, Near the Tibetan border, around 100km north-west of Kathmandu. The trek around the Manaslu touches remote and unspoiled regions of Nepal as it was off limits until recently. The Nepalese Government only permitted trekking of this circuit in 1991, hence, has been open to organized trekking parties only. The area offers a good mix of cultural diversity and fantastic mountain scenery.

1. Manaslu Trek Permit

Mount Manaslu lies in the east range of the Annapurna Himalayan Range. In addition, it is one of the restricted trekking areas and the Nepal government applied a special rule for the Manaslu trekking. You will need three permits for the Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

  • Manaslu restrict a permit,
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit, also known as MCAP, and finally,
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit, also known as ACAP.

In addition, if you choose Tsum Valley trek as a side trip for your Manaslu trek, then you are also required to buy another restricted permit for this area.

We know what you are thinking, why do we need all these permits? The Manaslu restricted permit is necessary as you entering a special region in Nepal, also solo trekkers are not permitted. Moreover, your permit must be prepared through an enlisted organization, independent or freelance guides can’t issue the needed restricted permits for the Manaslu Circuit trek. In comparison to other trekking regions, the Manaslu permit cost is actually higher. However, The cost varies depending on the number of days you will be in the area and the month you are traveling. December and August cost is slightly cheaper than September to November.

Manaslu Expedition 2017 (37 Days)

2. Best Time to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek

The major trekking seasons are from March to May and last week in September to mid-December. If you are Planning a trip during any other month you will encounter few trekkers. Whereas October is the busiest season, during this time, the sky is blue and view of the snow peak mountains are flawless and the weather is neither excessively hot or excessively frosty. But if you are trekking in winter, Larkya La Pass will be shut by snow, so you can’t go to Manaslu Base Camp and the Tibetan Boarder.

3. Transportation

Accessibility: 8 hours from Kathmandu.

The distance between Kathmandu and Arughat (the starting point of the trail) is roughly 136km and transportation will take at least 6 hours by jeep (normally) or 8+ hours by open transport. The roads end at Soti Khola, it’s time to stretch your happy feet along and later road continue from Dharapani after you are done crossing the Larke Pass in the Manaslu Circuit trek. Starting at the Budhi Gandaki, the trek goes through the narrow gorge between the Manaslu and Ganesh Himal ranges, with steep almost perpendicular sides. It’s completely up to you where you start your trek from.

4. Challenging pass:

Manaslu (Larky Peak) Camping Trek

Manaslu Larke (Larkye) La Pass (5,106 meters) is the most challenging pass of the trek. Trekker with enough time can include virgin Tsum valley area with fewer trekkers. Tsum valley has remained intact and unchanged for centuries, with minimal influence from the outside world. Normally it takes a daylong bus journey and at least five days walking to reach Tsum from Kathmandu. Manaslu Circuit Trek is the premier moderate – difficult grade trekking route left in Nepal, offering a perfect combination of rich culture heritage, incomparable Himalayan beauty, and an incredible view of Mt. Manaslu.

5. Food and Accommodation

Recently with an essential teahouse route, Manaslu Circuit Trek has changed itself from camping trek to a teahouse trek and accommodations are pretty cheap. But as you move higher the cost of dishes will get costlier. The teahouses generally have a menu and food is usually prepared after taking orders. Dal Bhat, pizza, noodles, potatoes etc are the main course. Tibetan bread, muesli, oats etc for breakfast. Fruits, green vegetables, and meat are only dreaming as there is no icy storeroom for meat and crisp vegetables.

6. Things to Pack:

Due to the variety of altitude (600 meters at Soti Khola, to 5,179 meters over the Larkya Pass) and atmosphere; it’s difficult to pack all the correct things for the Manaslu trek.  You can go as grizzly bear nobody will bother. But as you go higher up it gets windy in the afternoon and cold after sunset. Keep in mind this is a roundabout trek so you can’t leave stuff in transit and hope to lift it up in transit back

  • So begin by bringing or purchasing a 60-liter rucksack and a little day pack.
  • A resting sack and a down coat for chilly mornings and high elevations.
  • A couple of lavish things, for example, Solar charger, down booties, iPod, Kindle, GPS and other electronic contraptions.
  • A down jacket, gore-tex trouser, thick woolen half socks and a pair of down gloves.
  • Hiking boots are good with spare laces – Camp shoes (sneakers and/or sandals).
  • Sunglass is essential.
  • A soap for washing hanky, socks, and innerwear especially in the evening before dinner.

Crossing the Larke pass could be tricky in case if high-speed wind claims the day.

7. Manaslu Conservation area:

Established in 1998 The Manaslu Conservation Area is a protected area in the Mansiri Himal range of the Himalayas. n elevation, the area ranges from 1,400 m to 8,156 m at Manaslu. Furthermore, the government of Nepal started to protect this sanctuary with this name Manaslu Conservation area which is home to several birds and wildlife.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the ultimate destinations for travelers who are seeking for natural highlights as well as Manaslu Expedition and Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you need any information about Manaslu trekking or Expedition in Nepal fell free to contact us +977-1-4374681.

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