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Best Trekking Holidays in Nepal: 7 Tips for Nepal Travelers

Posted in : 21st May, 2018

Are you planning on Best Trekking Holidays in Nepal? With 8 of the top 10 highest summits in the world and some of the most beautiful landscapes; Trekking Holidays in Nepal is one of the unique experiences around the world. Nepal is a country full of exciting place to visit and also known for its cultural diversification; immense natural pleasure soothes one’s mind and makes it overwhelming. It is a country filled with the emerald hills painted with colorful flowers, world deep George’s, high mountains, Rivers, and spectacular topography. Such a richness of culture and wealth of flora and fauna all packed in this small country, hardly can you find it anywhere else in the earth. Nepal is a country that will stun you on many levels.  Also, there are the highest Himalayan passes, beautiful glaciers and high-altitude lakes- all of this amounts to an overwhelming experience for any trekker.

Nepalese are known for a warm heart, kind and friendly nature people, other countries are tempted with all these kindnesses, hospitality. Nepal has a history of tourism since long ago. It is a hub for adventurers, travelers and so on, all of them are lured to see our countries historical heritages. Although Nepal is heaven for travelers, here, you are suggested to go through the following Important Tips for Nepal Travelers before you go on trekking in Nepal:

1. Do not trek alone.

Nepal is full of adventurous place, to name a few Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Trekking and so on. There have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years. So getting the full knowledge or going over to the experts (people who have already completed the trek) will be handy; as these are exciting as well as dangerous places to trek so getting full knowledge before starting will always be handy. There are online forums too where travelers can look for fellow trekkers. Hire a guide, it is better and safer to go with a registered trekking guide or you can trek with other people. This applies to everyone but especially women that are traveling single – they seem more vulnerable.

2. Social Etiquette in Nepal

First and foremost, you‘ll want to know how to greet the local people. The traditional manner of greeting involves placing your palms together and saying “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. Going over and doing Namaste can be very handy while knowing the place as it is the gesture of respect and anyone who embraces it willfully helps you or if you lucky he may be your coach for the day.

Culturally Nepal is diversified, so experiencing these cultures can be once in a lifetime thing and it will help to know about Nepal in details. Getting familiar with the culture mainly means trying to learn what they are all about, the traditional food they eat, traditional clothing worn and so on. Besides the cultural food trying Nepali foods like Dal-Bhat, Gundruk, Dhido, etc. can be a hell of an experience.

3. Language in Nepal

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language of the sub-branch of Eastern Pahari. It is written in Devanagari script and is the first language of Nepal. Indian travelers should understand enough to get around. English is a second language in large cities like Kathmandu. Outside Kathmandu, English is spoken a little less, but getting around is still manageable. Simply smile with a Namaste and the Nepalese will help you in any way they can.

4. The cultural, traditions, and the nature of the Nepalese:

To know the way their nationals enjoy, getting to know the big festivals is important. As in those occasions, you can see the way the nationals celebrate which help to know more about the place and people. These festivals can be Dashain, Tihar, Indra Jatra, Holi, Teji Festival in Himalayan and so on.

Homestays are common things for trekkers, in this stays you live in a personal home with a minimal cost. This helps you to interact with local people, moreover, it will help you to know more about their society.

5. You can buy your supplies in Kathmandu at a fraction of the cost.

Treks are hectic because of the materials you need and it may be expensive in your place. So Nepal has a reputation for providing world-class quality trek materials at a far more reasonable rate. Just a tip that is helpful if you haven’t done your packing yet.

6. TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) and Permit

For all trekking areas in Nepal, you need TIMS and permit. TIMS can be issued at the Nepal Tourism Board office at Kathmandu or the TAAN offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Registered trekking agencies can issue TIMS permits for their clients.

To enter the Conservation Area, national parks you need a permit ticket. Also, you need special permission to enter wildlife reserve areas and hunting areas. Conservation and national park entry permits are available at the Nepal Tourism Board office in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.

7. You should carry Nepali currency

It is necessary for you to carry Nepali rupees during the trek. Upon landing in Kathmandu from your respective country, you can exchange currency almost everywhere, including the airport. The currency of Nepal is the Nepalese rupee. However, U.S. dollars and Indian rupees are widely accepted. When paying with dollars, the default rate is often rounded down to US $1 = 100 rs. That makes the math easier, but you’ll lose a little on larger transactions.

It is necessary for personal shopping, tipping, etc. If you do not have a guide, it is better for you to exchange an amount of money which will suffice the whole trek.

These are some points to know before you guys plan a Trekking Holidays in Nepal, these can be simple but yes they definitely can help you out. Mountain Experience Trekking and expeditions are privileged to welcome you in the Himalaya. These above things will help you plan properly for your adventure you are about to start.  We organize small groups as well as large groups with high-quality services for Trekking in Nepal.  Treks the Himalayas with our professional and certified team of guides and Sherpas.

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